Foreigner Tourist are allowed to stay overnight in Kalash Valleys


Kalash (The Kalasha times Report), May 11, 2012. Once again Kalasha Times is verified and action has taken after published news ‘public notice’ on 9th May 2012 regarding Kalasha spring festival Zhoshi. Now situation is improving and positive things are coming up for foreigners they can stay overnight and will be safe from in convinces going back to Chitral it was not only hurdle for them but also expensive. It would help the local people to earn some money from tourism says a member of Bumborate (Mumuret) Hotels Association, tourists are interacting with local people via many platforms and the reliable one for tourist is Lonely Planet one of the famous forum ‘throne tree’ . Long ago there was Debates on LP whether foreigners are allow to stay overnight in Kalash valleys or not? Keeping in view the debate today The Kalasha Times contacted DCO office Chitral (District Coordination Officer) to verified the news. Mr. Zahire Shah told the Kalasha Times during a telephonic conversation that “foreigners are allowed to stay over night in Kalasha valleys there is no restriction any more during the spring festival” he further added that after meeting of district concern authorities in Chitral formally decided to allowed foreigners to stay in the valleys”


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