Zhoshi Festival Concluded with Peace

The Kalasha Times Report

Kalash 17 May 2012. Zhoshi (Kalash spring festival) which is being celebrating since their origin, it plays a significant role in Kalasha religion and culture. Kalash peoples merely celebrate this occasion to welcome spring and thanking God (Dezau ) for helping all the people in the valleys and around the globe. The very first day of festival is called called flower day. Every housed will bring yellow flower called bs’ on 13, then a milk day (C’rik pipi) celebrated for this purpose Kalash peoples stored milk especially goats milk for almost 9-10 days then distribute among the villagers. It is said that when people carefully stored and followed the instruction given by Dihars (a spiritual man) then there would be certain blessing on goats and dairy products. The rest of two days are celebrating happily and elders shares old stories with the youth in form of traditional songs. there are some important activities such Ga’ch one is a gather of male and females where both shakes walnut leafs and offered especial prayers with the sound of drum beats on 15 and same would be repeated on 16 on conclusion day but there is another exceptional Ga’ch which is consider to be pure where only male folks take part, they shake leafs of pears (Nashpati) and especial prays for peace and protection of the valleys in particular and the rest of country in general.

Indeed Kalash peoples are happy and tireless. This year government was deployed thousands of security in the valleys and adjoining areas to protect the Kalash festivities from outside affects its due to certain threats government received from cross the border. Before the festival begins there were rumors that frighten many Kalasha people, before they weren’t experience such a huge number of forces in the valleys. At different places there were police, border police, Pak army, Chitral scouts,FC and many others agencies were checking incoming and outgoing guest, there were also checking counters installed and cell phones etc were strictly forbidden and not allowed during the festival.

It is amusing that some private televisions (reports) are asking useless questions and asking to reply what they have told the person. Why the reporters want to show fictional stories? A local online news says that many girls got married during festival. While the truth is that only a girl named Sher Gul got married in her own village at Balanguru (Rukmu valley) and there is no more news so far. The festival will be conclude today on 17 in Biriu valley. Meanwhile in Rukmu and Mumuret its concluded with peace and love respectively on 15 and 16 May 2012.


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