Parents day celebrated in GHS Mumuret

Report The Kalasha Times

Parents day in GHSM (10)

Kalash  May 30, 2012 Its pertain to mention here that GHS Mumuret is a school where 450 plus students are getting education it’s ranked among top three schools in the district in term of strength says Mr. Zahid Alam chairman governing body GHS. The function started with recitation of holy Quran Mr. Saifur Rehman student of 9th class recited some holy verses from Quran. Students presented different poems in urdu, Khowar, Kalashamondr and Kataviri (Nooristani) languages. Student performed a drama as well in local languages which was indeed very impressive people appreciated and given big cheers while clapping during the drama session. Mr. Wazir head master GHS presented sepasnama and welcome the guest including ADO education Mr.Atau Rehman and ANP district president Mr. Muzafar Jan. Wazir added that’’ since GHS established in 1985 there were some 9 teachers were sanctioned and there were 150 students in the school, but now we have 450 plus students and teachers are short also we have very difficult situation due to shortage of rooms in the school’’ He further added that we are suffering a lot and how we expect for a quality education in such circumstances’’. Mr. Wazir highlighted role of teachers as nation builder and responsibilities of education department to facilitate the school but unfortunately education department has not provided teachers and additional rooms in GHS, and problems remained as it is although we had several times coordinated the issue with education department in Chitral. He said that ‘’as a teacher I had played an important role in Kalash valleys since 1975 I remained a teacher and some outstanding students come up due to my hard work in education sector including a student who is now associate professor in Islamic International University Islamabad’’

Education is a key for any nation to enhance better management and build good leaders without education it is not possible to think of better tomorrow, students sought to focus on education only and it’s the only way to achieve development in every field of life. Mr. Muzafar Jan leader ANP promised the people of Mumuret to establish government girls middle school in the valley which was a long demand of the people to separate boys and girls and it is indeed very important issue says Muzafar. He also added that ‘’although I am not MPA, MNA but I still try hard to approve this demand by CM KPK during this financial year 2012-13 before ANP government disbursed’’ He announced 5000 rupees for the position holder on the occasion.

Students have talent and they need certain encouragement by the people and that is what a young man Mr. Wazir Zada Kalash did during his short speech he said ‘’ it’s important for the parents to come forward and participate parent teacher council to build good students’’ he announced 2000 rupees for the students who participate in speeches, Naat and darama. It is better to mentioned here that Wazir Zada has contributed 5000 cash prizes on results day as well says Mr. Jamil the teacher who act as stage sectary during the functioned.

The function continued for more than 3 hours and a large number of students, parents and other notables of the areas were present on the occasion.

A dozen of people spoke on the occasion including, ex-naib nazim Kurshid Ahmad, Baharam Shah Kalash, Atau Rehman, Wazir Zada, Mukam Udin, Makhfi, Jamil etc and the function concluded with prize distribution among the position holders and also the students who participated in the function.


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