Mar’c Waki Zoshi concluded

The Kalasha Times Report
Kalash June 3, 2012 One day festival part of Kalash spring festival concluded today. It was delay due to death ceremonies in Brun village. The festival was supposed to be held on 26 May 2012. On 4th june Kalash peoples will be offered Uchalik Batyk, then people will take their goats to high pasture. During this festival Kalash community offered cheese at Mahadew and pray to Dezau for safety of goats and human being, few new marriages during these festival as well. Shazadi D/O Wazir Kalash got married with Noor Din S/O Din Muhmmad of Anish village.

Mean while breaking news came that Sher Azam from Darasguru village converted to Islam yesterday, to verify the news Kalasha Times contacted Darasguru village here Missro told TKT that ‘’no it is rumors since last few days and it is not true’’ She further added that ‘’ yesterday Alamgir contacted Sher Azam and he told him that no he did not convert yet’’ same news was roaming the day before that a young man in Rukmu valley is converted when it verified it was just rumors. Keeping visiting Kalasha Times for verified news only on this subscriber.


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