Two more couples in this week

Najia IMG0014A
Kalash June 6, 2012. Recently during Zhoshi festival national media was propagating that Kalasha people get marry during spring festival only. Some reports were keen to show that Kalasha people marry during the festival without any resistant. Yes they do, but we cannot ignore arrange marriages as well, in past, arrange marriages were preferred but now a day love marriages are popular among youth. On 4th June 2012 Kiran from Anish got married of her own choice with Sher Din of Brun village. Interestingly on 6th June Najia (Natija) got married with Riaz of Prishi (Darasguru). Yesterday some notables of the areas came to home to seek permission and then took her to her husband’s house says her mother. If parents are agreed then it is possible for a girl to marry, even if she do not willing to get marry but she has to compromise with her parents in respect of her family and the notables of the area, she has to marry with a boy whom she don’t want. Same matter happened with Najia she was not willing to marry early as she was rejected many proposals in past even parents were unable to make her agree, now a days she is studying in Booni valley upper Chitral. Now her studies mark a question? Could she continue her studies after married? She can if there are such schools or colleges in the valleys. But unfortunately Kalasha valleys lack educational facilities in the valleys.


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