A rumor turned to be truth!

The Kalasha Report
Kalash 9th June 2012. There is a famous pro-verb ‘’Sira’n pe praw haw pon’ dhangaw’’ (when there is a wind, then leafs start move). Now coming to the point Sher Azam from Darasguru village is converted to Islam although there were rumors few days ago, about his conversion of faith. The rumors turned to be truth on yesterday during Friday pray, where he announced his new religion. Couple of weeks ago a shopkeeper in Mumuret valley told the Kalasha Times that ‘’Sher Azam is going to be embrace Islam on coming Friday’’ it is surprising that it happened on given time. It means that the preaching of Islam is very strong in the valleys. In this way another shocked felt by endangered community of Kalasha valleys. Kalasha peoples are frighten due to the non-civilized approach of Muslim community as the used to take a new Muslim on the road to different villages chanting slogan of ‘’Allah O Akbar’’ giving clear message to endangered community that they can’t survive in a state where Kalasha are a tiny part of the majority population.



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