Position holders of GHS Mumuret (Bumborate) 2012

Feroz Kalash 14 June 2012. Kalash valleys considered to the backward areas of Pakistan Feroz Shahnow showing good progress towards education. Today metric SSC (Secondary School Certificate) results came out. For SSC exams which were conducted by board of intermediate secondary education Peshawar, BISEP. According to BISEP results in science group Mr. Feroz Shah S/O Dawood Shah stood 1st in Government high school Mumuret (Bumborate)  securing 794 marks out 1050 he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor), village Kalahagrom, Farid Ahmad S/O Abdul Hadi secured 746 marks and got 2nd position he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Ahmadabad, Zakir Ahmad S/O Waslim Baig secure 725 and got 3rd position he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Anish, Fakhiru Din S/O Burhan Uddin secured 723 and got 4th position he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor), Sabir Shah secured 722 secured marks and stood 5th position he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor) village Kalashagrom in GHS. In Humanity group Abdul Salam S/O Abdul Manan secured 712 marks and stood first in GHS, he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Kr’aka’(Krakal).

Farid Ahmad Zakir Ahmad Sabir Shah

When The Kalasha Times approached the position holders they said ‘’it was a result of the hard work of teachers, and our hard struggles for securing good marks and prayers of our parents, family, friends and relatives.


Meanwhile in class 9th Mr. Hamid got 387 marks out 525 in part one and stood first in GHS. He Belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Shekhanandeh.
Dilraz Bano secured 700 marks in SSC and got first position among girls in Kalash valleys. 
Good News for students: Mr. Wazir Zada announced cash prize of 15000 rupees for students who secured top position in GHS he was talking with The Kalasha Times on last Sunday. It is very positive that some educated young people are keen to promote education. Today Mr. Kapher Bazik from abroad called Kalash people’s Development Network office and announced some grants for students initially he was willing to award 5000 rupees once The Kalasha Times team briefed him about the status of results and then he told that he would try to add some more to the grant and he would inform Kalasha Times team  soon as possible.

6 thoughts on “Position holders of GHS Mumuret (Bumborate) 2012

  1. You should encourage all position holders students since the 1999 when first time Bumborate Board Centre came into being. Those students who put the first brick of progress where the name of them?


  2. Great! news looks like only two Schools. How may Schools are there in Kalasha Valleys ? Do post statistics of all School like their name, total students, pass percentage etc.,etc Now what are these kids going to study and where, ask them.

    That prize by Mr Wazir Zada, do follow that up and publish report also.



    • Dear Tariq,
      Governing body of Government high school Mumuret has planned to organized an event for position holders on 28 June 2012. Luke is one of governing body member recently GD met and planned to give talent award to those student who stood first, second and third in GHSM.

      Hope to publish detail report soon!


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