Breaking news Shahzadi’s death body has been recovered

The Kalasha Times Report
Kalash 30 June 2012. Today at 9:30 A.M Shahzadi’s death body has been recovered near Sher Alam house. She was trapped with g-wire in the river near by Hamir Hamaza house Brun, where g-wire of protective walls was left in the water during devastating floods of 2010. Mr. Jam Din from Brun village who first saw her in the river and with the help of a stick he tries to pull out the g-wire. Jam while talking to The Kalasha Times said that ‘’ when I try to pull out her body, the river separated her body from g-wire and moved downward, because the flow was fast’’ he further added that other people who were searching on the river bank also joined me and we all try to get her body out from the river.
We succeeded to recover her after following 300 meters on the river. Shahzadi was 14-15 years old she was student of class 8th. Shahzadi’s soul has already departed from us and her body will be departing from us on 1st July 2012 with religious rites and we will be missed her forever says one of her class mate Abiba.

It is worth to mention here that Mr. Jam Din never got any disaster training but his struggle to server humanity would be worthwhile. But it is clear that people just running and running around the river without having proper tools. Now I dare to question those who are working on disaster reduction trainings would success or mobilize youth? Giving stockpiles at one village would be helpful? There must be basic rescue items at every village so that can be utilize promptly during such accidents would be positive in this regards.

5 thoughts on “Breaking news Shahzadi’s death body has been recovered

  1. It’s a very tragic incident! she indeed was real Shahzadi. She was so beautiful & Innocent. May God show pity on her departed soul. I just wonder if the flow of the stream is so strong to drown an adult human being, or it were rocks which she struck with and subsequently lost her life, as i think the river shouldn’t be much deep to drown an adult human, it was the flow of river which took her life. May She Rest in peace. Amen!

    Yousuf Ahmad Khan


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