Mumumret River Killer of Many Innocents Since Last Few Years

The Kalasha Times Report
Shahzadi photo by T.K Bazik Kalash 30 June 2012. A young Kalasha girl name Shahzadi daughter of Amadan village Brun sank drown in river Mumuret yesterday. She was student of class 8th in government high school Mumuret. According to eye witness she was washing clothes near by the river and slipped down the river from a stone. Flow of the river is very fast it took her downward at a very high speed and she was flatting on the river till 100 meters according to sources. Local people added that her body has disappeared in the river after few minutes. When the people come to know about this accident the rushed on the spot and started searching near by the river-banks but so far no success to recover her body. Different people had played irresponsible role during search operation, some people told that she is alive and rescued at Ahmadabad village, when they relatives got this news they were really happy at least she is alive. Due to such rumors many people back from their way to find her. After few minutes got news that is neither rescue nor found elsewhere yet. It shocked the people of Kalasha community and relatives again. People went to Ayun valley and adjoining areas to find her death or alive but no news so far. At the evening Pak-army and police are also started search operations, but could not succeed. People from the valleys gathered in Brun village since the news spread like a fire in valleys, due to telephones and people responded quickly but they gathered in Amadan house rather to struggle for recovery. Even there are many people who had got first respondent training during disasters. They seemed on river-banks without any tools. It gives clear message that the organization working for disaster management plans have not succeeded so far to mobilize and facilitate the trainees, because they are not in proper action to work on such accidents added local elders and young people. The organizations that are planning for better management and utilization of tools and resources during disaster must facilitate the volunteers with basic facilities. It is also pertain to mention that the implanting organization should select potential trainees for such humanitarian works.

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