Minorities to get more parliament seats

ISLAMABAD, July 11: The government has decided to increase the allocation of seats for representation of minorities in the national and provincial assemblies. Moreover, it has also decided on ensuring no loadshedding takes place during Sehar, Iftar or Taraveeh timings during the month of Ramazan.
A session of the Federal Cabinet was held here Wednesday with Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in the chair. The meeting decided that the seats for minorities in the national and provincial assemblies would be increased proportionate to the population.
A three-member committee was also constituted comprising Minister for Law, Minister for Interfaith Harmony and Minister for Religious Affairs to submit a report on it in next cabinet meeting. To raise the number of minority seats, the Constitution’s Article 51 would be amended, decided the Cabinet.
On the other hand, the meeting also decided to implement a uniform loadshedding schedule throughout the country. The government has made the same decision several times in the past as well, however, it has not been able to implement it. The federal cabinet also decided that there would be no load-shedding in Ramazan during Taraveeh, Sehar and Iftar timings.
During the session, the Secretary for Water and Power, also informed the cabinet members that the power generation shortfall has gone down to 3500 MW, claiming that a further 2000 MW would be added to the national grid by the year end. (Published on Chitral Today)

6 thoughts on “Minorities to get more parliament seats

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