Afghan intruders failed in their mission

The Kalasha Times Report

By: Luke Rehmat
Kalash 7 August. The victim family through telephonic conversation with The Kalasha Times conformed that intruders failed to take goats into Nooristan. When they saw some people escaped to the valley, they left goats on the top and released the Gujor man as well. They also confirmed that Panaw Kalash a shepherd got some injuries as well, while trying to run away from intruders.
Reasons of failure may be due to emergency action by the villages and they intruders feared that they will follow them.
Second Pak-army is now in the valleys residing near high pastures if they did not left the goats inside Pakitan then they could be in trouble and released everything after they come to know that some people are escaped and rushed to the villages and also communicated through v-wireless cell phones.
Unfortunately PTCL is failed to provide 24 hrs communication facilities due to electricity issues. There is capacity to make separate micro-hydro power house for the exchange. V-phone or v-wireless works only 9-10 hrs a day.
Due to strategic location the valleys sought 24 hrs communication facilities to cope emergency situations in the valleys incase happen…

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