Cross border crime one man injured and another has kidnapped

The Kalasha Times

Report by: Our Correspondence.

File photo of 2011 same inccident at Lawari Top
Kalash, 6 August. Breaking news hundreds of goats and ships snatched from shepherds in high pasture at Mumuret valley. According to local sources one Gujor man is injured and another has kidnapped. Local sources told this scriber that some 60 unknown people equipped with guns from across the border entered in high pasture they are properly from Nooristan a province in Afghanistan.
When this reported approached one of the victim in Brun village they told ‘’ Three families are victim of this incident including a Kalasha family name Shaidin father of Imran and his brothers and two families from Gujor community are victim of the incident today’’ the family further added that ‘’ some 600 goats have snatched from the shepherds and taken towards Nooristan at 01 PM today’’ When asked about reaction of the villagers they told ‘’ dozens of men are left to rescue the goats and a man from the terrorist’’
In 2009 same incident was happened in Rukmu valley with Mutimir family. But they followed and rescued their goats after fighting with the rubbers in Nooristan and brought their goats back to the valley and there were no news of any injuries to human.

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