Afghan skilled Intruders succeed to filch hundreds of goat from pasture!

Reported by: Luke Rehmat
Kalash 8 August. It’s to conform all media and public that Afghan intruder’s not militant succeeded to snatch goats from Sheikhandeh people from their pasture. According to local sources the intruders pretended that they have left goats and released the shepherds earlier on 6 August. On 7 August everyone become relaxed when people assured that everything is safe and there is now robbery news from pastures.
Panaw is discharged from hospital after treatments he is fine and the Gujur man Aman is okay. But intruders cheated with local Nooristani tribe called Sheikhan people living between Nooristan and Pakistan border.
Sources told this reporter that those goats were taken via Shawal pass into Nooristan. Some media was produced news that Pakistani security forces were started search operation to hunt down the militants, actually there were no militant in the forest they were just rubbers intentionally came to steal goats from shepherds and they succeeded in their mission says a local man on condition of anonymity.
Local people and shepherd are seen to complaining against forces that they did not cooperate with locals, sources added that when some people approached and ask for help from forces they rejected saying that we cannot help they local people until we have any order from high-ups.
One of the shepherd told that they Afghan intruders were speaking Pashto language. The Aman a Gujur shepherd said that they robbers asked me that ‘’are you Muslim? I replied yes. Then they asked to recite some holy verses from Quran when I had recited some verse then they left me along goats’’. Question would be raise if they were robbers then why they seem to be extremist? If they were extremist then what may convince them to act wrong things during holy month Ramadan? If extremist why they had snatched goats?

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