Afghan intruders attacked on Kalasha shepherds and snatched away 800 goats also kidnapped a shepherd

The Kalasha Times Report

Background shawal'a pass photo by I.A Sagar

By: Luke Rehmat

A file photo of goats during Acugha trip by Luke
Kalash 16 August. Increasing attack on Kalasha pastures since last few weeks. It is pertain to mention here that every year during Ramadan Afghan intruders or militant are attacking on Kalasha pastures and adjoining areas since 2009 and had created many issues in the valleys. In 2009 attacked on Greek aid worker in Mumuret, attacked on shepherds in Rukmu pasture and labors in Acuagha valley. In 2011 attacked on Chitral scouts in Arandu and adjacent areas. In 2012 the attacked increased in few weeks 03 attacks on shepherds. There were many such incidents in past but since long these issues were controlled and now again these troubles are increased?
intruders attached on shepherd (4) Noor Udin a shepherd talking to this subscriber told that ‘’I was sleeping inside shepherds house, at 3 AM suddenly my eyes opened and I saw three heavy lights coming towards me’’ he further added that ‘’immediately I gossiped and communicated with my colleagues that there are some people moving towards us’’ Answering to a question how many people attached? He said ‘’ It was dark and i cannot comment on this three lights means three people were coming towards goats and there must be other people on the mountain for their defense ’’
According to Noor there were 06 shepherds namely Rehmat Shakil, Pazal, Buner, Nasir Udin, Abad Udin and me. He said ‘’ all of us were sleeping at separate location at the shepherd house. I escaped and with a shoe on my foot I ran out after informed my colleagues’’ according to Noor 05 shepherd are escaped from intruders and one is possibly trapped because he was weak to hear due to ear problem and his name is Abad Udin he is missing and according locals the intruder had kidnapped him.
intruders attached on shepherd (8) intruders attached on shepherd (5) Noor says he was having a lighter but due to fear he couldn’t use it and resultantly got some injuries on both legs in dark scamper.
When this reporter approached Abad’s mother she said with tears on her eyes ‘’militants or intruders whosever have kidnapped my son would be the most wrong people on earth’’ she further added ‘’ my son was working with Kirsna moc’s goats since last few years on monthly pay’’
According to the victim family dozen of young people from the village are went to chase and rescue goats and the young man from intruders.
Krishna Moc the father of Paszal told this subscriber that ‘’ 21 years ago Afghan intruders were snatch 200 goats and there was no response and recovery’’ it fears that the same people who enjoyed such a huge number of goats in past might be involved again’’
intruders attached on shepherd (3)
If government is failed to provide security to this small community then we do not need forces in the valleys says a retired army Sher Mohammad.
When the reporter approached the first advocate from Kalasha community Mr. Na Baig advocate he said ‘’ we respect our forces a lot, but when we asked government to take an emergency action and seal the borders they government says we have no order yet to hunt down the intruders’’ he further added if forces have do not order to save the borders then we don’t need the forces in the villages, district government have force called border forces what would these forces will do? Na Baig In a question regarding forces said ‘’ during recruitment they authorities are recruiting non-locals and ignoring local Kalasha people in forces recently prime minister in his speech at parliament said Kalasha people have 5% quota in employment so where is that?
A young lady police constable on condition of Anonymous said to this subscriber that there is no need to recruit only female’s constable from Kalasha community why government is not recruiting Kalasha boys?
According to Gul Rehmat a scout’s man they intruders or militants had their lunched at Otak pasture, a local informer informed yesterday via telephone there were more then 25 people equipped with heavy guns. Then why the forces are not alert?
Concerning border security the border forces were going to pastures for four months since the Pak-army came in to the valleys they have taken responsibility of borders says a border man while talking with this subscriber.
Scouts and police used to come in the villages and fire on the air says young girls in Kraka village and also complained that scouts and police are creating hurdles for Kalasha festival called ‘’Ratnut’’ part of Ucaw autumn festival. They girls further sounded that the forces had warned us if you continue the festival after 10 PM then you’re responsible of yourselves not forces.
To further clarify above news from Chitral scouts this reporter approached Mr. Fazal subedar CS in Mumuret. He said ‘’ yes cross-border movement of militants were informed yesterday and he also confirmed that there was fire with big gun on intruder at Biriu pasture on 8 PM’’. But he added ‘’ the militants snatched goats could be another group of the Afghan militants’’.
Responding to a question concerning latest information on above incident he said ‘’ the information provided by the shepherd this morning is not clear’’ although the shepherd who is escaped from intruders had informed scouts on priority basis.
When the reporter asked about the restriction on festivities from the forces he commented ‘’ there is no such restriction on festivals but I was got message from head quarter and informed the people to stopped the festival after 10 PM. He further warned that yes I am authorized to stopped festivities where indeed’’
Answering to a question regarding communication failure in the valleys, fazal said PTCL is not willing to pay the money to a local power house, due to delay in initial payments to power house to get electricity for exchange, the valleys are suffering and there are random drops of signals and night there is no signals which is really creating hurdle to communicate such incidents with authorities on time.
The young people who are went to follow the intruders are now on the top of Bahol’aret, Majam, Kawazik and Shawal’a pass. A young man Jan told this reporter via phone from the top of Kawazik that ‘’10 goats were alive near shepherd house and another 10 goats are beaten and found injured on different places’’ he further added ‘’ we are 06 people on the pass and 05 people were entered on Nooristan side and conformed that at 11 -11:30 AM the intruders succeed to cross the border with goats and the young man Abad Udin with luggage on his back’’.
Jan further added ‘’ 09 people are at Majam pasture right now and 06 people are went to Arnadu area, he warned that if government is not willing to help us then allow as to use guns for self defense’’ because all forces in the valleys salient and no progress on their end.
Till filling this report there was no further latest updates from any officials and local into this matter

3 thoughts on “Afghan intruders attacked on Kalasha shepherds and snatched away 800 goats also kidnapped a shepherd

  1. Very sad to hear of this evil action of the thieves and kidnappers. Praying for the safe return of search party, shepherd and goats.
    May I ask if the shepherds take turns to stay awake and watch for thieves during the night ? And do they carry some form of self defence ?


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