Kidnapped Shepherd Abad Udin’s murdered in Nooristan

The Kalasha Times Report
by: Luke Rehmat

Abad udin and Noor Udin one died on attacked and another survive Breaking news Abad Udin’s death body has arrived at Sheikhanandeh village in Mmumuret valley and will be taken to Kraka village within 30 minutes Wali Khan’s wife conformed on phone. His funeral is being celebrating right now. People from different villages had started arriving to Kraka village.

Latest update a letter from death body has found and its written on Parsi or another language according to our resources no one is able to read it tomorrow we might able to take a photo then share with everyone to further clarify the letter…

Abad's latest photo Kalash 18 August. Afghan militant killed Kalasha shepherd near Bragamatal (Majam)in Nooristan. He had shot on mouth and with knife his body has cut at different places Asmat Gul giving reference of Nasir Udin said that ‘’ Nasir Udin who first saw the death body and informed the villagers’’ Local sources told The Kalasha Times today at 7:30 PM. On 16 August, 19 armed Afghan militant were attacked on Kalasha shepherds at Bahul’aret and kidnapped a shepherd also snatched away 800 goats. Mr. Fazal scout in-charge in Mumurt was disclosed during an interview on 16 that ‘’ these people are Afghan militants and they will kill this boy’’ he was sure about his murder and he had been informed of the militants movement in the region? Then why forces did not take measures to ensure security for Kalasha community local people from Kraka village told this subscriber. The followed young man Zahire Shah and Barat Khan told that ‘’they were spent over in Nooristan high pasture Pitigal with Nooristani shepherd they had given sheltered by Nooristani shepherds’’ they further added ‘’from 02 AM the militants opened bullet fire on us, but the Nooristani shepherd created resistance and protected us, on next morning they urged us to go back otherwise militant will kill you’’
Responding to a question did you guys seen the militants? They said ‘’ yes we had seen them they were divided in two groups and each group were consisted of 18 armed people and their faces were covered, because we saw them from far away and we were helpless nothing for self defense’’ Local sources added that ‘’ Abad Udin’s death body was recovered from near a lake in Majam (Bragamatal). Responding to this situation Zahire said ‘’ yes if his body was recovered from the aforesaid area then its true, because they militants were passed through the place and we were forbidden to go there’’
Today at 9 AM Abad Khan elder brother of Abad Udin talking with this subscriber said ‘’ my brother is alive and taken into Nooristan because we found some of his sweater, shawl and some papers he was left on trek on different places and I am hopeful of his safe release’’ he further added ‘’ many people had gone to Nooristan and will have dialogue with local Jirga for safe release of my brother and goats’’
The Kalasha Times condolence with the family on black-day in Kalasha valleys, may Dezau (Creator) help his family and relative to bear this shocked.
As soon as more details available would be publish on The Kalasha Times
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6 thoughts on “Kidnapped Shepherd Abad Udin’s murdered in Nooristan

  1. As known that Kalasah is a paceful place with its unique culture which is completely different from islam. It’s really sad to hear that there’s violence happened there. As being a traveller, I really want to explore Kalasah valley and experience the culture there, so wonder if there’s still safe to go alone for tourists.


  2. I am very sad! Wish force and health to his family!
    And best to all Kalash people!
    We , Armenian Tseghakrons, divide your pain!


  3. This is a great tragedy for the Kalash valleys and the Kalash people. My great condolences go to the family of the young man. May Dezau look after his family, and may we all work for peace in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Vale Abad Uddin.


  4. this is a coward act by these bandits, militants or whatever they are, they are not even human beings, why hard this innocent man has done to them, May Allah (SWT) punish those who did this, they can’t be called Muslims, as real Muslims is not permitted to do any harm to any person, I wonder what the heck the Army, Scouts & FC doing in the vallies , the militants keep coming & they even can’t retaliate, May Allah Show pity on this innocent departed soul. Amin


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