Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Visited Kalasha valley

The Kalasha Times Report

KALASH: Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ghulam Dastgir has directed the Education Department to arrange separate classrooms for girl students at the Government High School in Mumuret (Bamburet) valley.

CS and DCO Chitral

He issued the directives during a visit to the school in Mumuret (Bumburet) where boys and girls were studying in the same classroom. He directed the Executive District Officer (Education) to arrange separate classrooms for girls. He also announced to set up a girls high school with hostel facility to accommodate the female students from Rukmu (Ramboor) and Biriu (Birir) valleys. The chief sectary was accompanied with minister Salim Khan KPK, chief conservator forest KPK, sectary minorities, DCO, DPO, EDO health, Col. Salaman Butt, Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi president district bar, president ANP Chitral and other officials.

In a meeting with CS

Later, he held a meeting with Kalash and Muslim communities of the valley Mr. Abdul Majid presented sepasnam. Chief sectary assured them that special efforts would be made to check the intrusion of militants from Afghanistan. He asked both the communities to cooperate with the security forces to stop the cross-border attacks.

CS in PTDC Mumuret On the way to PTDC stopped near Batrik 

chief secretary and Wazir Zada on left during a discussion in PTDC Motel Anish and DCO Chitral on right trying to convince CS to visit Kalasha festival place in Batrik but the CS was in hurry could not visit the place.

The chief secretary announced Rs300,000 compensation for the heirs of the shepherd who was killed by the Afghans and Rs1.5 million compensation for those whose goats were taken away by the militants.

Group photo with Kalasha kids

The chief secretary asked the Muslim community of the valley to stop their children from seeking employment in the Afghan forces. He assured the Kalash people that every effort would be taken to preserve their culture, which is unique in all respects.


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