KCSS efforts are bringing fruits


Kalash, Sept 28: The organizers of a function faced embarrassment when a group of Kalash children refused to perform a dance at a function in the Mumuret (Bumburate) valley.

Purification day during cawmos a young man is ready to go

Since long Kalash women were treated as a dancer group which was indeed wrong impression created by some government official to entertain their VVIP guest in the valleys.

The recent news published in DAWN does not present fact behind it. In 2001 a local movement started as Kalash Culture Saving Society, KCSS it was aiming to protect the culture from outside affects and conserve it for future generation.

The organization have many consultation meetings and struggles in past to motivate youth and elders for certain issues faced by Kalasha today. One of such attempts was to ban on arranging dancing entertainment in down countries and in the valleys.

DAWN news quoted ‘’“The Kalash are gradually deviating from their cultural norms and traits as you see from the lack of enthusiasm in Kalash children and youth to dance while this forms an integral part of their custom,”

Where deviating does not mean that Kalasha youth are against culture norms and values. In past authorities used to threat the local people to allow their sisters, daughters and wife to dance for officials or guest that could pay for the group, when some one refused they got punishment! that is what the community was seen happy to entertain officials. Now freedom is getting its roots and people are awakened.

It was also creating bad image of the local people that Kalasha are paid dancers these terms lead the community to rethink on the issues in 2001. Although the organization was failed in its mission and become inactive since 2005. But its efforts are bringing fruits in long run.


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