Dialogue And Incusiveness- Central to Democracy

Democracy is in our blood. Our Great Religion has taught us to look upon complete equality of mankind and believe in fraternity, equality and liberty.”

-Qauid-e-Azam, London, Dec14, 1946

Here I, Zar Nigar Tojik, shall state something great about my days with SDPD-3-days Youth Conference on “Dialogue and Inclusiveness- Central to Democracy”. At times it is hard to introduce your own self and your experiences because you know everything about yourself and you do not know where to start from. It’s my first attempt so let’s see what picture in the readers mind I portray through my self-description. I hope that the idea about me and what I have learned would being projected is not so different. So here I go.

Participating in Dialogue and Inclusiveness Central to Democracy was a great time of full learning and high motivation towards Democracy. I believe I fully utilized the time to learn effectively more about democracy in Beautiful Pakistan and met new people to learn and explore world and different talents.

The most helpful aspect of the 3 Days Conference organized by Strengthening Democracy through Parliamentary Development, SDPD was a great opportunity for me to meet the like minded risk takers to learn how they have used their solutions for any problem in innovative and new ways like; Mia Iftikharuddin-Provincial Minister for Information and I was highly inspired by the two young students who presented their case studies which really touched the hearts in a beautiful mountains of Nathia gali on 2nd day of the Conference.

After Reading some pages from Lorenz von Stein’s book Socialist and Communist Movements since the Third French Revolution (1848) in which he bring in the term “social movement” into learned discussions – actually depicting political movements fighting for the social rights is what I understood as welfare rights. I am so much inspired by so many social moments which are really in action like when I participated in this Conference, I must say a Democratic Conference cleared so many miss concepts from my mind.  It’s all about the collective action taken within the individuals or organizations. From which there occurs change. This takes place when the people come together, share their ideas, and do a collective progression in coming future.

I believe that justice, diversity, equality, is the main values and pillars of Democracy. In the cold evening we saw the colors of beautiful Pakistan’s culture and also the Tajik culture was a true mirror of diversity which always makes the human an identity. One thing I really want to share is the everyday justice, equality and diversity was on screen if one can remember. On return to Karachi from the three days Conference so close to nature changed me.

This conference and experience taught me one thing that Education is the First step towards Prosperous Pakistan. Knowledge is the best thing and awareness about what the real meaning of DEMOCRACY is; can help us to cope with some Situations.     

Pakistan Zindabad!


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