Cu’in Nari Celebated in Kalash valleys

Cu’in  Nari

In this ceremony children go to the mountains and bring these reeds to make pens out of them to use them to make pictures in the temple. They also bring branches of a plant called cu’in. This is an evergreen plant. They bring them to a place and then they put the offerings of dry fruits in the fire made there. They pray there facing the west and then make a chain by grabbing each other from back and come toward the temple singing and dancing. They bring the reeds and the evergreen plant branches to the temple and put them on the shelves made there. After this the children go for the barks from different trees to burn them to make the ink for the pens made of reeds. On this day women do not comb their hair or do any washing. They are supposed to do these things earlier. But the temple is cleaned and the pictures made last year are erased.


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