Kuta Mru Concluded in Kalasha valleys

Kut’a Mru.

This ceremony starts as busy day because the children make pictures on the temple walls early this morning. Then people go to grind wheat for the ceremony. And at night people make goats and sheep and all sorts of different shapes out of dough. Songs concerning the festival are sung with any musical instruments in the houses and danced on them. Some of these songs are called sacred songs. Food and fruits are offered in all houses to everybody who enters the house. The animals made of dough are decorated. Then people wake up before dawn and perform the ceremony of driving the animals away. Which is called “shara birayak t’rat’rek”. Then these goats and sheep made of dough are given to the cows some time after and nowadays-Muslim children come to take them home to play with them because some of them are beautifully made.


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