Madaik is happening now


This festival is celebrated for the souls of the dead people. All the relatives of the person died after this ceremony was last celebrated gather in his house and celebrate the festival. The festival is celebrated at night but it starts in the evening. During the day people take gifts for their “Jamelies”. Jameli means the daughter of the family. So people take gifts for their sisters and daughters. In the evening when all the good foods together with the fruit are brought in the temple, the doors of all the houses are closed nobody is allowed to make any noise. Then an elder goes and calls loudly to the souls of the dead saying “O gad’a bas’ara ew zhuy zhe pi o para” which means, “o elders and older’s come, eat and drink and then go”. One basket full of all kinds of food is put out side the temple door for the souls. During this time people stay inside their homes and keep the doors shut. After a while the doors are open and the foods are shared among each other. And the young girls who not married yet and the younger eat the foods in the basket put outside the temple once. After all this dancing and singing starts but without any musical instruments.


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