The People of Chitral demanding priority seat for Kalash community from PTI

Chitral: First time in the history of Pakistan PTI has allotted reserved seat to Kalash minority. During Imran Khan’s visit to Chitral the people of Chitral demanded Pakistan Tereek-e-Insaf (PTI) to give priority ticket to Kalash community. Today there are rumors that PTI has not included Wazir Zada in priority list even. Thousands of people from UC Ayun including Kalash valleys and Chitral are not only disturbed but very disappointed to learn this unfortunate news from some reliable sources. PTI will lost support of youth if it continue to ignoring youth on ticket allocation since PTI has promised to tell the truth to its nation if it failed to deliver such promises may cause desperate among workers.


To know about the rumors The Kalasha Times contacted, Wazir Zada about the facts, while talking to this subscriber Wazir said ‘’I am in Islamabad yesterday there was important meeting of PTI parliamentary board and I am still expecting that PTI would not do injustice with me’’ He added ‘’it’s high time for PTI to get supports of youth and everyone in the country by implementing PTI’s slogan for change’’

Wazir did not disappoint as he hope (Umeed bass umeed) PTI will not discourage youth and minorities, as the PTI is a movement of justice and how it can do injustice with minorities that remained deprived from their basic rights since birth of Pakistan.

To get more views from people in Chitral this subscriber contacted Sartaj Ahmad ex-Tehsil Nazim and a social worker Sartaj Said ‘’during meeting of Chitral chamber of commerce with Imran Khan in Chitral I have urged him to give priority ticket to Kalash minority and he promised me that PTI will alleviated Kalasha peoples deprivation by awarding priority seat to Kalash community’’ He added ‘’PTI can win our hearts if it allotted priority ticket to Wazir Zada Kalash indeed he is a young and well know political figure in Kalash and  social worker, giving priority to him can be very positive for the future of PTI in Chitral’’.

A number of youth including ex-secretary PTI UC Ayun Ghoar said ‘’I am feeling very shame that our PTI could not sustain its promise’’ he added that if PTI failed to enlist Wazir Zada for minority seat then we have no way to talk with people, he says we will faced embarrassment in public and therefore I may quit being PTI activist’’

There are more to say but a message that was circulating on cell phones caught eye of this report and the massage has quoted ‘’ Wazir Zada Kalash is the only non Pashtun minority candidate belonging to a community which is internationally declared as an indigenous community, Hindus, siks and Christian already belong to the ruling elites of the world…not respecting our own indigenous communities will speak allot about the moral and intellectual grounds we are standing upon ‘’Israrudin G.S PTI Chitral’’


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