Two people died in Kalash valleys

Kalash 24 June: A woman died in Sarikjaw village at Mumuret valley after a long illness, 1002810_10201407193405762_951466707_nher funeral is in progress at Brun village meanwhile  a man died in Biriu valley at Nosbiu village named Subedar. Subedar would be burying on 25 June while the lady will be burying on 26 June. This week remained expensive for Kalasha people especially in Biriu valley. The Kalasha funeral is very expensive and if there is more death then there will be more resources will be utilized. In past Kalasha peoples have sold their land and walnut trees in order to sustain the expensive traditions of funeral. But in recent years it has observed that at village level the Kalasha community has organized and contributing whatever they have and it proved beneficial. The problem rising for now is decrease of resources such as land, goats and dairy products. The Kalasha peoples have very miner assets inherited, goats keeping is very essential but it seems very hard in upcoming years the shepherds are no more safer in high pasture and natural resources such as forest are ultimately reduced due to larger scale deforestation in Kalash valleys.


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