Afghan Intruders Entered into Kalash valleys

Shawal Pass in Background

Kalash 21 July: Aghan intruders entered into high pasture of Kalash valley Mumuret on 19 July and shepherded reported their Moment inside Pakistani border Ustoi pass and adjoining areas. A shepherd Tisam Khan told this subscriber that ‘’ we were in shepherd summer place with goats at evening we saw lights coming towards us’’ he added we were milking goats and immediately we left the place and everything including goats and went to safe location to hide ourselves’’. They people entered in our place and started searching for us he said. When the subscriber contacted local police force to know about the information, a constable on condition of anonymity told this subscriber that security forces have been deployed in the region to tackle the intruders.

Since last few years Afghan intruders or Taliban/terrorist have been targeting the Kalash valleys during the holy month of Ramadan. As they have been succeeded in their mission and took hundreds of goats and killed shepherd without any resistance from Pakistani forces in past. It’s high time to seal the borders in order to safeguard the Kalasha valleys.

The shepherd said that ‘’there were 19 people equipped with heavy guns they spent over-night and when couldn’t find us the leave the place in the morning and taken away cheese and other dairy products’’.

Again news erupted this morning that they intruders are still present in high pasture and attacked on another shepherd place but they shepherds were already escaped to safe places before the dark and they people failed in their mission to kill and take away goats.

Unfortunately during hard time there used to be failure in communication the only service provider PTCL and PTCL Vphone used to play hide and seek. Since last few days there were no signals media was dead.

Due to strategy location there would be 24 hrs communication facilities provided to the valley’s people, but Kalash valleys are remained ignorant as a results people are worried and it questioned survival of Kalash peoples in the valleys. As goats keeping is an important part of the Kalasha people’s culture, ethnic and religiously. The youth of Kalash peoples are despaired and feeling unsecured in the valleys. Its pertain to mentioned that only 4100 plus Kalasha have been able to sustained the Kalasha culture and such attacks would be very dangerous for the survival of Kalasha in the mountains of Hindukush.


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