13 Years young Kalasha girl found death

Kalash 31 July: A young Kalasha girl named Jamarana D/O Jagosh found death at her Garden in Sarikjaw village. Sources told The Kalasha Times that she was playing at her Garden with her younger sister and her parents were working in the fields. Sher Jan who saw her first informed her relatives that ‘’Jamarana is hanging in her Garden’’ Nasira and her brother Shadi Khan rushed on the occasion and found that she has been died. Police registered FIR and started investigation and asked the family to allow her for postmortem, but her family and relatives were in view that she died accidently and they don’t want to take her body for postmortem in Chitral town, because we don’t know and we have no objection on some one else said Macirik Shah her paternal father, people present at her funeral were saying that she committed suicide due to domestic issues. But the reason was unclear. Police station house officer was in view that according to 2002 law, she must be taken to Chitral for postmortem or her parents must bring NOC from session judge Chitral, otherwise her body will not be allowed to burry. Later on first August SHO told the Kalasha Times that her body cold be burry as the problem has been solved. On 31 July before aftari SHO called elders in police station and shared the legal problem with elders and they decided to go to Chitral for getting written permission from session judge and the time had decided for after Aftari. What happened soon after the Aftari dinner clouds covered sky and storming and thundering started terribly and a heavy raining hit the Kalash valleys that resulted huge devastating flash floods and roads closed, no light and no phone everyone surprised to see the situation happened on 31 July.

Caption: The electric wire used for drying cloths, has been caused of her death she used to play here.

Jamarana’s funeral continued for two days and buried at Brun graveyard according to Kalasha tradition. People from Rukmu and Biriu were also invited and people reached the venue on foot due to closure of roads. Its pertain to mentioned here that since 2010 during July 03 young Kalasha girls died due to one or other reason two remained victim of Mumuret river and Jamarana’s case is different and shocking. One of Jamarana’s fellow Faiza has shared that ‘’Jamarana a day before told me that I have met my friends and tomorrow I am going forever’’ what could be the reasons so far no one understands that why the little angel says such sentence…according to Jamarana’s friends she was in love with a boy from Anish village named Gul Samat, when the reporter approached Samat to get his view on the case, during a question he said that ‘’she has been following me and I was not interested and last time she wrote me a letter few months ago’’ he added that ‘’she was wrote on the letter that ‘’Jab mein mar jahungi tu mere janaze per ana (When I will die do come to my funeral’’ Jamrana was student of class 6th and Samat is student of class 9th. Whatever the reason she died and departed for ever. Dezau rest her soul in eternal peace at Behast’ and help the family to bear the lost.


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