Kalash Valley Road Opened for Light Traffic

Kalash 9 Sep : After 38 days closure  Kalash valley Mumuret will be accessible today onward while Kalash valley Rukmu is still inaccessible. Today last blockage at Oshna near Dubaz check point will be opening for light traffics. Its pertain to mentioned here that on 31 July devastating flash floods hits Kalash valleys and caused damages in the valleys. Kalash valley people remained in miserable conditions. In some villages there is no light and clean drinking water available to them till now. Lots crops dried up, due to damages of irrigation water channels. Relief efforts were seen very rear due to blockage and was tough to service providers. Initial work on the roads was disrupted after executor operator died, due to landsliding on him while working on the blocked road at Gorapuna.  People were in big trouble due to non availability of food items in the valleys and poor patients remained in big trouble due to blockages at many places. Now people are asking government to widen the road at blocked areas otherwise no one would work on it once the traffic restored.


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