Heavy rains and snowfall damages Kalasha valleys roads

 Kalasha 26 Feb. 15. Recent heavy rain and snowfall damages Kalasha valleys. Roads again at many places, while more than 10 miles road from Ayun to Kalasha valleys have been under land sliding and rocks fallen on roads.


Map of Kalasha valley of Chitral KP Pakistan

Electric wire

Recent snowfall in Kalasha valleys and situation of electricity

Talking to Ishpata News editor Kalashamondr section Mr. Bakhtawar Shah told that ‘it was very risky to walk along the roads because there were land sliding and stones were falling on the roads’ he further added that ‘roads at Gorapuna, Oshana, near Mayon home, Batak Gha and Wadus these are the place more damaged’

He said that if government respond the situation on emergency basis then it could be open within five days’

The Kalasha valleys have no electricity except Anish village in Mumuret that is also having very low voltage that damages electronics people complained.

Many people told this subscriber that the roads could take long time to restore for traffics. As in past few years people have witness the government machinery working very gradually on valley roads and couldn’t restore the valley roads in a proper way since 2013 flood that damages roads at several place and the same places are badly affected again.

Pakistan Terek-e-Insaf lead government in KP has failed to provide funds in past. Many times the people were been informed that millions of rupees have been allocated for the rehabilitation of Kalasha valleys roads. But people haven’t seen any development in this regards. The valleys people have shown disappointment due to number of reasons.

People from three valleys have appealed the district and provincial government to restore the roads earlier to reduced their pain, as there are no alternate routes to approach the district headquarter and lack of healthcare facilities have been created panic among the remote inhabitants.

Kalash valleys remained cut off for 38 days07

File photo of road damages during flood 2013

Kalash valleys remained cut off for 38 days14

File photo of road damages during flood 2013, Wadus finally got damaged

Shortage of vegetables, sugar, cooking and other essential food items have also very alarming for the people that increase their worries further.


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