Hundreds of live-stocks death in Kalasha valleys

Goat Died

Kalash 12 March 2015, Kalasha valleys remained remotest area of Pakistan and people here are earning from livestock and dairy products, but since last month the livestock especially goats have got kind of loss motion (Diarrheal), lungs and liver,  three in one diseases.

Sources from Kalasha valley Rukmu told Ishpata News that 30 goats have been died because of the diseases so far in a small village at Chetguru. Shepherds who are looking after the livestock are very worried, their day night hard work has been badly affected. They are complaining that livestock department has not even bother to take any steps to decrease their disparities. Goats are an integral part of Kalasha culture, if the epidemic did not stopped the Kalasha people will be facing serious problems in sustaining the expensive culture in near future.

Same news are coming from Acu’hagha valley, Rukmu valley, Biriu and Mumuret valley where 100s of goats have been victim of the dangerous diseases and died.


Sher Shaheen few days back got injuries on his foot while feeding the goats and axe chopped his leg and he couldn’t walk on snow at Acu’hagha valley some fellow shepherded saw him helpless and took him to Mumuret valley on their back for treatment, bleeding on his foot caused him very weak. When Ishpata News correspondent asked him about the dangerous diseases he become sad and tears in his eyes said that “ We are looking after goats as shepherd but we couldn’t do anything to save lives of the goats and our animals are dies in front us but we are helpless’’

People have appealed government of KP to announced an emergency to cope the situation before it’s too late.


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