Breaking News; Kalasha Culture Jolts Before the Zhoshi Festival

Kalash 4th May 2015

Qazi Khosh Nawaz

Another shocking news just broke out today. The man of ancient wisdom, the man of knowledge the elder of his times, the man of religion, the man of thoughts, the man of ancient stories. Qazi Khosh Nawaz passed away last night at the age of 103 years. He was famous by his nick name Ka’ga’ Dihar (spiritual man).

Qazi Khosh Nawaz was born in Balohe family in Rukmu valley on 1912 A.D at Grom village. Later he was shifted to   Balanguru village where he spent his final days. He grew up in Rukmu valley and his interest to listen Kalasha oral stories from his ancestor took him to lead the Kalasha community for many years, he was describing that I have learn Kalasha religion and stories from ancestors and I have paid them in form of goats, sheep or butter. After getting proper religious education from his ancestors  he become famous due to his wisdom and knowledge. He was very active in religious activities, he taught at Kalasha culture centre in Mumuret and also taught in Kalasha primary schools in Kalasha valleys from time to time.

Qaziqazi 1)

He participated every festival, funeral and contributed to Kalasha religion in his capacity. He did very well for the Kalasha peoples throughout his life. Qazi Khosh Nawaz Talking about Kalasha History During Kalash Culture Strengthening Conference at Kalasha Dur Last Year.

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According to initial sources Qazi Khosh Nawaz had been fallen on stairs in Biriu valley, where he participated funeral festival on 17 April 2015. The newly constructed stairs caused injuries and finally he passed away last night at 4 AM.

He was also a Shaman-for Kalash he used to summon the spirits and settle disputes, Qazi Khosh Nawaz was indeed an asset for Kalasha peoples his contribution can’t be ignore in years to come, and no one can fill the gaps now and onwards.

The Kalasha of Rukmu is holding a 3 day rites of passage in honor of this prestigious Kalasha man in the recent history of Kalasha, people from Rukmu valley will be participating the funeral tonight and people from Kalasha valleys Biriu, Mumuret would be joining the funeral festival on 5th May, his dead body would be burying on 06 May 2015 as per Kalasha traditions.

Talking to Ishpata News one is colleague Mr. Karim said ‘’ Qazi Khosh Nawaz once told me that ‘’once i was a child my mother told me that a fairy (Suchi) had given me a cap and asked me to put on the head of your son’’ Karim further added that when asked about what happened next Qazi said ‘’when my mother had put the cap on my head, then i felt something different, i was feeling more wisdom inside me’’.

One things is more interesting about Qazi Khosh Nawaz, that is during Cawmos the winter festival he used to be semi-conscious mode and stationery position during the purification days. Soon the purifications ends he calls the elders and instructs them to re perform some rituals which might have been impure during the pure (Onj’as’t’a) days.+

Large number of people are expected to gather in Rukmu to pay tribute to their beloved Qazi Khosh Nawaz.

May Dezau (Creator) help his soul rest in peace at Behest and help the family to bear the great lost.

Ishpata News would like to condole with the decedent’s family and relatives.


3 thoughts on “Breaking News; Kalasha Culture Jolts Before the Zhoshi Festival

  1. Will the Kalash tribe take money from allies in the west who want to help pay for a Gandao / Kandrik or hero effigy or even memorial gate way to honour this great Kazi is traditional style ? I would love to collect for this traditional way of helping Kalash traditions .Kalashi youths could train in a wood work shop in traditional Kalshshi design producing art that could provide income and all so keep up traditions = win win situation


  2. May the Ancestor’s welcome him into the lands of the dead and let his wisdom pass on to the younger generations with being watered down by Islamic imperialism


  3. ||||||||||CONDOLENCE||||||||||
    I pay my condolence to whole Kalasha community on death of Kazi Khosh Nawaz Balohe of Rumbor Valley. He was the custodian of the Kalasha Dastoor and society. He was a living legend with ample knowledge of indigenous history and culture. He was a source person for many researches. He was the shaman; a spiritual leader of the community. With his demise a chapter of cultural sharing is closed. At this time of grief my sympathies are with Kalasha community and with family of Kazi Khosh Nawaz.
    He passed away last night. He lived more than 100 years.
    Muhammad Kashif Ali


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