Eight rooms of Israr burnt to ashes in Mumuret valley.

Israr house (3)

Kalash 28 June. Electric short-circuit that caused house on fire in Kalasha valley Mumuret at village Wados (Lashtbot) yesterday. Ishpata News visited the side and found large destruction of a house and one can see the ashes of precious cedar woods. Yesterday Ishpata News had published news regarding the matter and it was mentioned that more details and investigation would be done to know the cause of fire that damages house in Kalasha valley Mumuret. Due to some mistakes in report that was created miss understanding among some people and Ishpata News would like to correct and wants let you know the situation and will be following such stories and causes for future prevention of such happenings.

Israr house (4)Israr house (2)

Mr. Irar Muhammad son of local school teacher Mr. Ghulam Muhammad while talking to Ishpata News told that ‘’we have lost our valuables, we couldn’t able to save anything that matters in our life. He further added that ‘’we are three brother and three sister were living with our parents in the house, now we have lost everything in few minutes in front of our eyes and we were helpless we couldn’t save our things’’.

Israr house (5)

Israr appealed to ggovernment to help him to rebuild his house. Israr was running a taxi service to earn livelihood and now it seems very hard to rebuild a house like the pervious one that we have been constructed after being working so hard in past decade.

Israr house (1)


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