Importance of Non-timber forest discussed in Kalasha valley

Reported by: Ishpata News

NTFP Workshop (1)NTFP Workshop (2)

The NTFP (Non-timber Forest Products) organized a workshop at Mumurert Payeen. A large number of people from Kalasha valley Mumuret (Bumborate) participated the workshop. Assistant director NTFP Chitral Mr. Shafi Ullah presented details on NTFP activities and highlighted importance of NTF products in Chitral region.

He discussed medicinal plants and told the participants about the suitable conditions of the medicinal plants in Chitral and Kalasha valleys.

While presenting case of the of pine nuts (Chalgoza) he told the participants that Chitral is producing a large production of Chalgoza but unfortunately the benefits are taken away by middle man of down countries. His emphasis to harvest the Chalgoza on proper time when the Chalgoza become ready and matured, he said that month of September and October are said to be good time for collection of pine nuts in Chitral. Participants when asked how you people are collecting Chalgoza. They shared that they don’t know much about the harvesting month and improver collection of Chalgoza leads to minimize their profits in the market.

While its pertain to mentioned that Chalgoza has become great source of income for many families in the remote valleys of Kalasha, but unfortunately the rich people from down countries have been coming as a price taker and taking away profits while giving little amount to the local people in the region.

NTFP Workshop (3)NTFP Workshop (4)

The participants were divided in different groups for identification local medicinal plants and the groups have shared their findings with participants.

At the end participants were awarded with participation certificates. While talking to Ishpata News a participant Mr. Waslim Baig said that there should more awareness session regarding the non-timber forest products of Kalasha valleys and it would be very useful for the community.

NTFP Workshop (5)


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