JI has given more seats to Kalasha people

Kalash 30 June: official notification for reserved seats out today and Jamat-e-Islami left other parties behind while giving two seats on reserved basis to Kalasha peoples of Pakistan. According to official announcement Mr. Imran Kabir made his way to District Council while Nazar Gai has given seat for Tehsil Council on behalf of JI Chitral.


Mr. Imran Kabir former activist of Pakistan Terek-e-Insaf joined JI before the local body’s election 2015, and Nazar Gai who seen with All Pakistan Muslim League during 2013 general election, also joined JI and elected to Teshil Council on JI ticket.

While after so many promises PTI finally made space within Kalasha peoples by giving reserved ticket to Adv.Na Baig Kalash. His seat as a District Councillor have been also confirmed by official notification today.

Kalasha peoples of Pakistan thanked both political parties for giving representative status at District and Teshil Council to Kalasha peoples, whose voice have been un-heard in policy -making forums and left with so many serious issues in past.

Adv. Na Baig with Dr. Arif Alvipic

Adv. Na Baig with Dr. Arif Alvi (MNA PTI)                    Nazar Gai Kalash


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