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Kalash 17 July 2015. At midnight Thursday 16 July a thunderstorm and lighting then heavy rain caused flash floods in Kalash valleys. The flood washed away many houses in the Kalasha valleys and adjoining areas. Chairman village council Mumuret Adv. Muhammad Rafi and In-charge Tourism Corporation KP Chitral Mr. Zarin Khan called on Ishpata News and discussed the recent emergency situation in Kalasha valleys. While responding to a question Adv. Rafi said that ‘’we are although not functional yet but they people have trusted on us and its now our responsibility to help the people indeed’’ he further added that we haven’t slept since last night. He said that he had called an emergency meeting of village council Mumuret and all members have been asked to play their positive role.

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What is disappointing for the people when asked what is the response from government official Rafi said that ‘’due to Eid occasion and fasting government officials are working very slowly and not responding to the emergency situation in proper channels’’.

Rafi heighted that some villages are badly affected in Kalasha valleys, such as Anish, Brun, Kandisar and Shekhanandeh.

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There is an emergency situation in Kalasha valleys, 100 plus families have lost their homes and many have lost their standing crops, bridges, link roads, drinking water supply, water mills, hydro power houses, shops, official guest houses and hotels.

Chairman Rafi appealed to government, NGOs and international development agencies to come forward and help the needy people in the hour of their hard times.

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While discussing damage to tourism by flash floods when asked by Mr. Zarin Khan, he responded that ‘’Tourism has had huge losses in Kalasha valleys. 11 rooms of PTDC Motel Mumuret are out of commission and two rooms are washed away’’ he added that ‘’There is alert for next four days, and more damage is expected, government should take responsibility to supply foods and other necessary noon-food items to the people in their hard times’’.  

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Founder and CEO of Kalash People’s Development Network and Natural Disaster Management Programme, NDMP Mr. Luke Rehmat describes the situation in this way ‘’Devastating flash floods have changed the map of the heavenly valleys of Kalasha, where people were coming to see the natural and cultural beauties.

He added that the recent floods have damaged the valley from top to bottom, many standing crops and other necessities of life have been paralysed in the valleys’’

We are appealing to government, non-governmental organizations and philanthropists to come forward and helping the mountain peoples to rebuild their homes and basic life facilities.

Milad Gul Minority member village council Mumuret visited affected families (800x600)

Minority member Ms. Milad Gul of village council Mumuret visited flood affected and assured her full supports to the families worst affected.

Milad Gul help to rescue items (800x600)trying to save items at home (800x600)

flood brought woods and mud and hevay stones (800x600)house washed away at Brun village (800x600)

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Save our soul (SOS) an appeal from the Kalasha valleys.

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