The Kingdom Of Flood: the impact of climate change on the globe/Kalasha valleys

By: Luke Rehmat

The world over witnesses Kings of different eras. It was mentioned in science books that dinosaurs dominated on earth where we are living. History says that Kings were cruel and created much war and bloodshed in their Kingdom. Many species have been eliminated from the world with the passage of time.

Arrival of human era brought dramatic changes to the planet. Humans started seeing the world from different angles. They started dreaming bigger and bigger, even forgetting their creator. Those Kings were thinking about themselves all in all.

Slowly and gradually, things were changing for good or bad. Kings were interested in making war weapons; they were in view to control everything under their Kingdom and fought for their dominancy over the world.

The modern era has divided the world into countries and states, where states are fighting to clutch over resources. Today, the battle continues over resources vs states.

Humans have affected nature the worst, and now nature is giving a warning to the human era. Before I waste readers’ valuable time, I would like to come to the main point: ‘’the Kingdom of Flood’’.

Nature has prepared structure to tackle human beings.

Devastation flash flood of Kalash valley

King: Climate Change

Prime Minister: Global Warming

Global Army Chief: Thunder

Defence Minister: Lightning

Ministry of Interior: Ocean

State Ministers: Flash Floods

War Soldiers: Rains

Humans have been contaminating everything; they don’t care about purity and impurity and have made the beautiful environment and ecosystem worse every day. Humanity became second word, and war equipment became cheaper than essential commodities.

In the race of war and grappling for resources, countries have made very dangerous things in the name of self-defence, threatening their own existence, such as the atom bomb and latest war technologies—you know what I mean.

Religious interference has become a normal thing, and small sects have vanished and been ignored by the majority. Rule of law has been put aside and law implemented on poor’s only with high-ups enjoying immunity.

We are destroying nature rapidly every day, but we don’t care about it. There is a famous proverb: ‘’Excess of everything is bad’’.

Everyone knows that a cedar (Deodar) tree needs hundreds of years to mature, but we need shelter, and we kill the trees as we wish, because we don’t care about wildlife! We think we are supreme and we can do everything as we wish. Why should I care about others? This is our mindset. We don’t own the nature that has given us more than our expectations.

Now things are in reverse, nature has changed the way it should react to our deeds. Where are the powers of war weapons? Where are the drones? Where are our intelligentsia, where are those responsible for weather? Where are the departments concerned with nature and flood?

There is an Urdu proverb (Jo gharch te hain, wo baraste nehe): “Thunderous clouds do not bring showers”. The King now wants to take control of the planet. He has sent a message that enough is enough.

The Prime Minister has given a clear message that humans should be careful onward and should make new adaptations. If today onward, the Head of State didn’t care about the message conveyed by the King and his prime minister then people on earth will be facing more troubles in the years to come.


One thought on “The Kingdom Of Flood: the impact of climate change on the globe/Kalasha valleys

  1. Humans lost when they stopped loving the creation and instead focus on the so called creator .The Kalash offer us hope that there can be hope ,unless they to opt for the selfish god of creation lie .


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