Despite difficulties due to flood disasters, Kalasha peoples are celebrating their autumn festival

Around 4100 endangered Kalasha peoples are celebrating their annual autumn festival, it is pertain to mentioned here that Kalasha peoples are the only indigenous community in Pakistan living in North West of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa District Chitral.


Recent flash floods have been paralysed life in District Chitral North West of Pakistan where remote valleys are home to Kalasha peoples on the Hindukush Mountain Ranges.

Since last week their unique Ratnut festival is being celebrating in three narrow valleys of Kalasha known to be Mumuret (Bumboret), Rukmu (Rumboor) and Biriu (Birir). On 23 the final celebration of Ratnut and Ucaw (autumn festival will be concluding in two valleys of Mumuret and Rukmu).

Kalasha valleys are disconnected from main town Chitral and people are facing tough time due to worst communication system and flood has been washed away roads, bridges, houses, land, crops, trees, school, maternity homes, mosques, hotels and fruit trees including the famous walnut trees in recent flood disasters and disconnected with main town since 16 July 2015.


Continues flooding have been added more worries to the mountain community in their daily life and still facing hard times in their history.

The Kalasha Ucaw festival is playing vital role in their life but now it plays additional role to convey a message of peace and harmony to the world, and telling outside world that people should be happy and accept message of Dezau (The Creator) in all such circumstances where humans are helpless and no tactics to cope such situation.

Although many people are whispering and blaming each other for reasoning flood disasters in the valleys. There is need to play positive role in such situation instead of play dirty blaming game.

It’s not time to make reasons and causes of flood, it’s time to come forward and help the remote region to restore normal life again Kalasha valleys of Chitral.

The valleys are located at a distance of 43 kilometres from Chitral town where people have no access to basic health facilities and there were some cases in Rukmu valley where two patients had died while taking to Chitral town through mountain treks.

Natural Disasters Management Programme, NDMP an initiative of KPDN is running online fund raising campaign to restore normal life again in Kalasha valleys, consider donating to the cause for immediate work in the valleys

Imran Kabir Bazik describes Ucaw as ‘This festival is celebrated in the month called “ucaw mastruk.” The rat’nat’ festival is celebrated for many weeks and then comes ucaw festival. First the elders in all villages announce the festival. The next day after the declaration day is the preparation day. In these two days the “rat’nat’” festival is celebrated. After the preparation day is gone the festival “ucaw” starts. It starts with the ceremonies performed on the high places or the altars. Offerings are offered and food is eaten on the alters by the men only. Women eat at home. After all this the festival starts, and it goes on till late night or till the next morning in Mumuret.


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