Guru village at Biriu needs to declare heritage site to protect modifications

3 thoughts on “Guru village at Biriu needs to declare heritage site to protect modifications

  1. Dearest Carla,

    Yes, this village is still being lived in by Kalasha people. Biriu valley is the least visited valley of the three, by tourists, as it is much more taken over by the majority. The Kalasha people live there under stresses now and are gradually being influenced by their neighbours who have moved in from outside. Note the concrete home in the centre.. a new development in the valleys!

    The homes are built high on the hills for two reasons: flooding, and the arable land is rare and precious for growing crops.

    Yes, we have seen this village, many years ago. Personally I have only been to this valley once. There are other villages like it in the other valleys which we have seen and visited.

    Before I ever went there I had a dream with a very similar view of homes all built stacked together on a hillside, made of wood.

    How poignant that we now see it via an *indigenous *online newspaper, but that the paper is only in English is disappointing. I believe the day will come when it will be in Kalasha!

    The hints of the alphabet give me pleasure. This is the original font we chose (Comic Sans due to the form of the a), but the pics are their own, and I take it as a compliment that they have also used the wood carving design as we did. It’s also pleasing that USAid is funding a project now for the K to learn the writing system. I helped them write the proposal late in 2014. They have finally realised how valuable it is to have their own writing system! We would not necessarily use that font again.

    I am about to launch into the last phase of the Sound Book publication.

    Much love, Elsa

    On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 5:02 AM, ::..The Kalasha Times..:: wrote:

    > The Kalasha Times posted: “” >


    • Ishpata baba thank you so much you did wonderful job for the Kalasha peoples and sure we are in process to write news in Kalashamondr as well please check here


  2. An amazing image, wonderful. Yes please, what do we do to declare it?.. only as a heritage piece, there is now a concrete home in the middle of it.. so time moves on!


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