Workshop on community based inventory management to safeguard intangible cultural heritage held in Peshawar


Ishpata News Report

Peshawar, another attempt to speedup world heritage matter in case of Kalasha intangible cultural heritage to inscribe on world heritage list as per 2003 UN resolution, in this regards a three day workshop was organized at Peshawar university by THAAP a local non-governmental organization working in southern Punjab, another key stakeholder was UNESCO, United Nation Educational and Scientific Culture Organization funded by Canadian Local Initiatives.

The workshop was also attended by Kalasha community, Imran Kabir represented the forum, Imran is district councillor at district local government and represents Kalasha community. While another two people were accompanied by Luke Rehmat a social entrepreneur, Gul Nazar Chairperson Kalash People’s Development Network and Abida Bibi student at Peshawar University were also part of the workshop.

While briefing the participants Ms. Sajjida chief executive of officer of THAAP told that KP government is interested to safeguard intangible cultural heritage and Kalasha culture is one of her focused area to include in world nomination to safeguard the intangible culture heritage of the indigenous people.

On behalf of KP government director culture Mr. Naeem Safi highlighted government’s interest and positive work they did in last few years and also told the participants about revival of indigenous culture heritage that is an initiative of KP government aim to safeguard intangible heritage in KP.

On the conclusion ceremony Ms. Vibeke Jensen director UNESCO in Pakistan shared that she is working hard to mobilize different sources to safeguard intangible heritage in Pakistan and recently government of Pakistan has nominated Nowroz festival to the safeguard list to protect the event.

Its pertain to mention here that government of Pakistan has been working since to 2012 to send nomination of Kalasha cultural heritage to world heritage list and there were couple of meetings in 2012 and 13 but no success and in 2009 UNESCO in collaboration with Aga Khan Culture Service did culture mapping in Kalasha valleys but the matter still needs attention and process needs to be speed up in order to declare Kalasha valleys as a protect site before it’s too late.





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