Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Department Moving in Right Direction


Kalash valley, Pakistan Terek-e-Insaf, PTI lead government in KP under supervision of Imran Khan moving on right direction.

Mr. Khan knows how to reach grassroots level and he also understands the importance of community and all stakeholders,

Involvement to improve education sector in Pakistan. The state own education now redesigned to ensured quality education.


The inactive PTC, Parent Teachers Council has been reactivated. The moment has been reached the mountains of Chitral.

KP education department in collaboration with SRSP had successfully concluded four days PTC workshop in Kalasha valley Mumuret,

Where dozens of senior citizens including teachers participated the training workshop.

Mr. Sarfaraz a senior citizen and active member of the community receiving participation certificate from Mr. Ahmad Amin


On conclusion day Mr. Ahmad Amin project coordinator was chief guest, during his brief talks with the participants he shared the

Core values of PTC for the better future of education in Chitral. Mr. Amin was accompanied by Sangeen of SRSP.

Participants asked chief guest to arranged such workshop for stakeholders to mobilize them for improvement of education system.



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