Impact of climate change is visible! Isn’t it?

IMG_1012 (2)

School going kids are struggling to restore their crops for summer 2016. The photo shows how big was the flood. Photo by:

Luke Rehmat for Ishpata News

Last year snatched away land resources from poor people, and they left behind helpless. The worst climatic hit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was district Chitral and Kalasha valleys, where hundreds of families lost their shelter of living, (land, garden, houses, hotels, shops, crops)

The valleys tracks were washed by flood and people were disconnected from the rest the country and remained in isolation for months.

When finally the roads have been temporary restored, but recent torrential rains again put question mark on government concerns.

Millions of rupees have been spent on roads and other important projects, but there one can see only damages and people are compel to live in miseries.

Tourism industry in the valleys vanished in few hours, it was seen as a biggest natural disaster in the history of the valleys.

In north western part Pakistan people are struggling for survival while there are people enjoying tax heaven! In Pakistan.

The history of earth is billions of years old, while human planet is just few millions years old imagine what kind of disasters happened in past. Why the kings [President, prime-minister, generals or other concerns] are living like a blind and deaf. With their criminal thinking would they able to benefit humanity? How could they defend their beloved country with tax heavens?

Why head of states needs to invest on addressing climate change, and needs to take emergency measures into the matter? Chitral is mountainous region only three precent is land cultivatable the rest are rocks and stones,

If temporary roads have been shifted to the left over land then where would be the people construct their homes, and shelters, crops fruit trees?

Last year ended but 2016 added more worries, early stage flooding in recent torrential rains kills 47 people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including 14 people in Chitral, among 9 of them were buried under avalanched only 4 people have recovered so far and 5 people are still under avalanched at Susom area of Karimabad . Link bridges have been swept away in flood, there wasn’t such torrential rain in past, climate change has traumatised situations in the world over and particularly Chitral is on red zone.

People of Chitral living on mercy of government…if government didn’t took some solid steps before it’s too late, there would be worst consequence people would face in this summer.


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