Federal government approved Rs. 2.4 billion for the construction Mumuret (Bumboret) Road

Photo taken at Gombayak road leads to Rukmu valley

Present condition of road in Kalasha valleys

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The federal government has approved a large sum of Rs. 14.52 billion for the construction of four road projects in Chitral on which preliminary work has already been started including its alignment survey and compilation of feasibility report.

road in Kalash valleys
Talking to Chitral Times by telephone from Islamabad, the MNA from Chitral, Shahzada Iftikharud Din said that all the four road projects led to the four major valleys of the district and had been the long standing demand of the people.
Eulogizing the prime minister for his generous approval of the most wanted road projects, he said that he (prime minister) had announced the projects during his visit to the flood affected village of Kuragh in upper Chitral last year.

Road leading to Mumuret (Bumboret) valley
The prime minister, he said, did not lost his time in approving Rs. 7.5 billion for Shandur road (147 kms), Rs.3.5billion for Garam Chashma road (67 kms) and  Rs. 2.4 billion for Bumburate road while National Highway Authority will start work on the sites shortly.
He said that all the three roads are of prime importance and will boost up trade and tourism thereby bringing about progress and prosperity as the Shandur Road is the one which connects Chitral with Gilgit-Baltistan onward leading to the Chinese market.
The law-maker from Chitral said that for Booni-Torkhow road, the federal government had already provided Rs. 1.12 billion rupees which was being executed by the communication and works department of the provincial government.
He said that both Torkhow and Garam Chashm roads can be used as passage to Tajikistan which had already been declared as feasible in early 1990s when Mian Nawaz Sharif was in power.


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