Worst conditions of link bridges in Kalasha valleys

Girls are crossing link bridge at Rukmu

Kalasha Desh; poor condition of link bridges can result same situation that happened on six May at Drasun of Mulkhow village where daughter and father lost their life while crossing locally built rough link bridge.

As one can see the above image in horrible condition, dozens of school kids, crosses the bridge every day to reach their school situated at a distance of one kilo meter in Grom center Kalasha valley Rukmu. Last year flood disaster has been swept away all link bridges in Kalasha valleys and people are facing serious issues as the water level in streams has been rising day to day.

After ten months district administration and provincial government failed to built bridges for the mountain community, instead of ease their life government is putting salt on their wounds, that can causes loss of precious life in far flung areas of the District.

Two people are crosing link bridge at Gorapuna

Two man are trying to cross bridge at Gorapuna in UC Ayun, they could imbalance any time as the link connection is dangerous to move on it. Responsible agency is government, District Disasters Management Authority, Provincial Disasters Management Authority and National Disasters Management Authority. But all these concerns are sleeping and enjoying wheel chair at office, they don’t have any pain for the people those are suffering because they, and their kids are safe and sound and having no such issues then why they care about others!!!


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