Kalash valley road blocked, people are stranded both sides of the river

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (7)

Kalash Desh 12 May; poor management of district administration caused serious issues for the residents of Mumuret and Rukmu valley.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (8)

Especially children, women, patients and tourist are helpless at checkpoint Dubaz. People in the valleys are very disappointed from District concerns, serval times elected representatives and residents demanded government to make some measurements to provide relief for the community living in Kalasha Desh, but all their request had been trashed to dustbins and no one cares.


Women, tourist and children are seen on both sides, they were restless, as local police and Chitral Levis had stopped them crossing the river on damaged site.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (2)

The famous Zhoshi (spring festival) just a click start on fourteen May, and there are lot of issues for everyone, not only the road closed, all link bridges have been disappeared in last few days, as the water level has been raised in the stream. And there were no pre-cautionary steps taken since last year.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (9)

People are in confusions and whispering about the changed promised in 2013 general election and blaming the Khyber Paktankhawa government for ignorance and less interest towards the people of Chitral District.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (3)

Chitral is worst affected by natural climates in KP, it was devastated by flash floods and then earthquake has been traumatized the situation and increased worries of survival for the people.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (6)

Government didn’t learnt lesson, evidently waiting for another worst days to be happened, as there have not been any work plan for the district red zone areas, that would be changing the landscape in upcoming monsoon season of 2016.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (5)


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