A young woman died of heart failure/BBC silent-forever

Kalash Desh 16 July, A young woman and mother of five children took last breath at Peshawar hospital on 16 July and couldn’t sustained her life at the age of 24 years , according to her family sources she felt chest pain three days ago and brought to District Headquarter Hospital Chitral which is located at a distances of 43 kilometres from her village Anish at Kalasha valley Mumuret, (It is also important to mentioned here that District Chitral lacks medial facilities and therefore, there are no MRI and CT scan facilities in the town and the patients usually refers to Peshawar, it locates at a distances of 400 kilometres from Chitral town, that is rough and tiring journey indeed) ,after initial medical check-up, she was referred to Peshawar immediately. It was 16 July evening when she died in a hospital at Peshawar, it has been said that she had heart failure.

File photo BIBIC

Inspired by BBC (British Broadcasting Company, her parents named her BBC, later in school her named was written in local style as BIBI C. She married in teenage to Shakeel Ahmad from her village and gave birth to five children, her elder son Saif Ali Khan is disabled, and three daughters are healthy, she gave birth to a baby boy three months ago but unfortunately she couldn’t feed him anymore and left her children orphaned. 

Born to a family of ex.councillor of Sher Mohammad Khan a well known figure in Kalasha valleys, since there was no television in the valleys long ago and BBC Urdu was main source of information through radio that inspired him to named one of his child as BBC.

She was a good human being and she had worked for her community as post-woman as her father-in-law is serving postman and she was educated in the family therefore helping her family to sort out parcel for distribution in Kalasha valley north-western part of Khyber Pakhtankhawa.

The mountain people are well exercised in daily life, but last few decades have been witness increase of heart failure and related diseases.

Funeral rituals are in progress where large number of people from three Kalasha valleys are gathered to see off her.


Deceased will be buried on 18 July as per the Kalasha tradition of burial in her ancestral graveyard at Brun village. 

May Dezau (The Creator help her soul rest in peace at Behes’t’)


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