Security forces kill 5 militants in Kalash shootout

security forces

KALASHA DESH: (Online)  Five militants were killed on Wednesday in a shootout with security forces in Chitral’s Kalash valley at Ghonabata high pasture, sources said.

According to sources, militants opened fire on security forces in Chitral’s Astoi area, upon which the security forces retaliated to thwart the onslaught.  

The dead bodies of the slain militants were shifted to Bamburet hospital, sources added.

On Sunday, militants had opened fire on local shepherds which had killed two shepherds in the same area.

The sources had said that two Kalash shepherds were grazing sheep in Ghari, when they were attacked by a group of 30 militants who crossed over to Pakistan from Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

The shepherds reportedly had opened fire on the militants and the exchange of firing took place for a long time. However, the shepherds had run out of ammunition and were overpowered by the militants.

Militants had taken more than 400 goats with them. Villagers had found the throat-cut bodies of the shepherds near the border area. The sources had said the militants were heavily armed. The police and personnel of the Chitral Levies and other law-enforcement agencies had rushed to the area after the incident.

In wake of the Sunday’s incident, a former Member National Assembly (MNA) and Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) leader Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali had asked the government to ensure border security to avoid similar incidents.

He had asked the government to recruit at least 300 more border police personnel, particularly from the Kalash tribe, for deployment along the border with Afghanistan to secure the borders and protect the Kalash people.


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