Senator questions lack of security on Kalash valley border

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Samina Abid on Tuesday strongly condemned the killing of two Kalash shepherds and theft of thousands of their goats by Nooristasn-based Afghan militants.

Samina Abid

Samina Abid

In a statement issued here, she questioned the failure of the Chitral police as well as the paramilitary personal deployed at the border in tracking down the militants. “If this is the performance of our police and the paramilitary force, what’s the use of their deployment there,” she regretted.
Senator Samina said she would take up the issue in the upcoming session of the Senate, adding all those involved in the negligence, especially the Chitral police, which failed to protect the life and property of the Kalash community, would be discussed in the upper house of parliament.
“I don’t know why the police are taking these poor Kalash people so lightly….aren’t they citizens of Pakistan, and if needed I’ll also move a calling attention notice in Senate so that the issue for providing security to Kalash will be discussed in detail to make their security foolproof,” she added.


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