Pak Army organized Independence Day in Kalash valley

14 August 2016  (38)

Kalasha Desh 14 August, independence day celebrated with national zeal. The mega event ‘Happy Independence Day’’ and the 70th birthday of the country was organized by Pak Army in collaboration with local residences.

14 August 2016  (30)

Mr.Wazir Zada receiving shield from Pak Army. 

People were seen very emotional on the 70th birthday, Kalasha valleys a home to unique culture, people and landscape always remained attractions for many.

14 August 2016  (32)

Elders were seen very happy on the occasion

School children presented speeches, drama on Martyred of Army Public School, APS Peshawar. They also presented national songs and speech in different languages such Kalashamondr, Khowar, Tstromamondr (Nuristani), English and Urdu.

14 August 2016  (5)

Kalasha students presenting national song on Urdu and Kalashamondr

They students highlighted potentials, and sacrifices of people for the cause of Pakistan. In their speeches they urged youth to play their role for better Pakistan.



On the precious occasion large number of local people were gathered at a school to pay tribute to the heroes of Pakistan.

14 August 2016  (3)

The open air function was echoing with ‘long live Pakistan’, children, woman and students along security forces all together celebrated the independence and offered pray for peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

14 August 2016  (4)

Mr. Wazir Zada speaking on the occasion highlighted the values and importance of peace in the region, he appreciated the cooperation of local residence to sustain Kalasha culture throughout the long journey.

14 August 2016  (17)14 August 2016  (25)

Number of people spoke on the occasion including Mr. Zahid Alam, Mr. Ayub Khan and Ms. Shahi Gul.

14 August 2016  (13)


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