Two Days Kalasha Language, Artisans at work exhibition and Seminar concludes in Islamabad

Welcome session

Islamabad (Ishpata News) the Italian Development cooperation Head Mr. Dominico said that ‘Nature has awarded three strengths of this community. They are peace and loving people. Their culture is very ancient and very beautiful with the Kalash valleys of Chitral, and it is right to time to work for safeguarding this unique culture.

Seminar Participants and Kalasha People

He expressed his views at the two-day conference on the second day of Kalash Language and Culture Preservation Project, Islamabad on Saturday. The minority MNA Isfandiyar Bhandara, Italian consultant Miss Paola Manfredi, leader of the All Pakistan Muslim League Taqdira Khan, Mr. Marco Technical Consultant and expert of forestry, Mr. Murad PPAF assistant Manager program Poverty Reduction , Sanniah Jabeen UNESCO consultant for culture and Member the figures from various sectors attended the meeting. He recently visited Chitral. And happy. The Chitral district administration, various institutions of Pakistan are interested in working with international community.

Mr. Dominico along guest

Osama Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner Chitral particular person owns a broad vision. Serious to protect the heritage that he said. Italy’s government is with you. However, it should remember that money is not everything. The most important thing is people’s interest. How serious they are to save their culture. They said . The Kalash valleys need to promote tourism. Because culture is alive. It is of interest to all people. The effort of our will. We take practical steps for the protection of Kalasha as UNESCO protected site. Dominico pointed to this risk. The Hindu Kush region is vulnerable to disasters. And the main reason is eliminated Forest. The re-settlement forests are highly important to protect the area.

Luke is giving brief about Kalasha alphabets to Ravi Kumar

Dr. Marco and have extensive experience in this regard. He said . Thirty million euros will be spent to improve the Kalash valleys. The valleys and on the environmental threat posed great difficulties people are having the sort of tourism. Marco made sure to make his speech. The plan not only indicates that the PPP through the work would be completed. But  also will be development. In particular we will be focusing more on forestry. And forests have vanished. We will be trying to get settled. In order to reduce accident risks. They said . We will work through PPAFP. Getting benefits to local community. Minority Member of National Assembly Isfandiyar Bhandara said in his address he said that I am fully awaked of problems the Kalasha people faced. Particularly damaging Valley flood and earthquake last year is beyond description. However, in this regard, I am not unaware of the measures on the state level. He  said . I am opposed to haphazard tourism Kalash valleys. That does not undermine the Kalash culture. We are keeping close ties with UNESCO to preserve its culture. Addressing the Seminar All Pakistan Muslim League women leaders from Chitral in the Taqdira Khan thanks to measures to protect the culture for financial support from USAID. And congratulated  Wazir Zada and Luke Rehmat on holding a successful exhibition and conference held in Islamabad by AVDP. Particularly through the work of PPAF by the Government.

Ms. Taqdira Khan G.S APML Women Wing recieving a book written about Kalash popl e by Murrine Lines and Published by MNA Ishfandiyar Bhandara

He said. After the 2015 floods and earthquakes have affected the Kalash valleys. People are living in extremely difficult conditions. The financial support of any donor agency is indeed praiseworthy. And I thank them all from the Chitral daughter. He praised the late MP Bhandara Chitral and Kalash were for those services. He said. That the late Bhandara had created a lot of respect on account of their service in the hearts of Muslims not to the Kalash tribe only. That is still alive today.And expressed good feelings and formulate action plans to address the problems of safety and culture in the area. He thanked them for providing small grant from USAID. He said. That helped to secure the disappearance of the historical folk songs Kalash in the project. And today they are the Kalash tribe in book form. The Italian guest, Mr. Dominique, Miss Paola, Dr. Marco and PPAF refers Wazir Zada ​​appreciated interest and services highlighted the MNA Bhandara, services and the government for their efforts and thanked those announced by the Prime Minister for the construction of Chitral Mumuret Road. And demanding goverment of Pakistan Kalash culture that contribute to the provision of the national heritage and World Heritage. After the lunch break minority coordinator to Chief Minister Khyber Ravi Kumar was chief guest. On this occasion tribute by organizing a wonderful conference title and the Kalash community.

Group photo with Ravi Kumar Minorities Coordinator to CK KPK

He said. They found that they can to try to solve community problems. He expressed his condolences over the killing by terrorists of two young Kalash Mumuret. And expressed sympathy. He said . Although there is very little time left. However, they will try to make full allocation for funds for the Kalash valleys. He also salute the Kalash community. That kept alive their culture despite the difficult conditions. The manager AV DP provision at the end of the conference is an example for other minorities, the Ministry of National Heritage and folk plays exclusively provided hall and technical expertise in Lokvirsa Islamabad. That was made possible by the conduct of this successful conference hall of the free provision of technical support. The conference was conducted Luke Rehmat.


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