documentary film "Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal

haseeb khoawaja

Canadian Filmmakers has produced an international featured documentary film on a very complex honour killings case of Kohistan’s mobile video in which five girls have been brutally murdered just for clapping. Regarding this they launch its first screening in Pakistan which had been held at National Press Club, Islamabad on 27th October, 2016.

Photo Caption: Ambassador of European Union to Pakistan Jean Francois Cautian, Sonia wife of EU Ambassador, Journalist Haseeb Khawaja, and Victim  Afzal Kohistani are watching Canadian documentary on Kohistan’s  honour killings in Pakistan at National Press Club.

This has been inaugurated by Jean-Francois Cautain, Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Pakistan.

This documentary film “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal” is all about Pakistan’s mega, high profile and complex, girls’ slaughtering for Honour by Jirga; which features victim Afzal Kohistani’s sufferings for seeking justice; the remarkable humanitarian efforts of renowned Human Rights Activist, Dr. Farzana Bari to take this case to a logical end and phenomenal role of an investigative journalist, Haseeb Khawaja, who vowed to expose by re-investigating all the cover-ups of the case of girls’ so-called Honour killings/ Jirga’s misogynistic approach and his selfless continuous help to the victim, Afzal Kohistani throughout the case.
This film has been produced by Digital Warriors Production (Canada) with the cooperation of Super Channel (Canada based TV Channel), British-Columbia-Arts-Council, Canada-Media-Fund & Creative-BC and its worldwide (except North America) distributor is Java-Films (France based international company).
HaseebKhawaja, the organiser in Pakistan for Digital Warriors Productions (Canada) & Java Films (France) who arranged everything regarding this screening gave his welcome speech in which he told the audience that, “This film portrays Pakistan’s positive image. I request to those people to must watch our documentary, who always keep criticise that foreign community only portrays Pakistan negatively. This documentary has been made with pure positive humanitarian intention by internationally renowned Canadian filmmakers. We have started a campaign across Pakistan for spreading awareness through this documentary film on Jirga’s inhuman role regarding women’s so-called Honour Killings. While on international level let me inform you, this film will be released on different big TV channels of several countries and also Canadian filmmakers will present this movie on several international film festivals worldwide.
Canadian Filmmakers, Brishkay (Director) spoke to the audience through Skype video call, “I hope this film reveals the larger story to the public and I hope investigative journalist Haseeb Khawaja and activist Dr. Farzana Bari and victim Afzal Kohistani get more support from the public and media because they have each worked hard to bring the whole truth out and to have justice served. Amina, Begum Jan, Shaheen, Bazigah, and Shireen (names of five murdered girls) are Pakistani citizens like all of sitting in this room. They deserve the same rights that you all have and that you all deserve. Please don’t just associate them with ideas of village life and tribal customs. They are Pakistani nationals and they deserve the same rights that you all have. I can only make a film about it. But you all can really help these five girls and women & girls across Pakistan by seeking justice.” she said.
While another Canadian Filmmaker, Elizabeth (Producer) spoke to the audience through Skype video call, “We want to show the world that Pakistan is not a kind of place where just bad people live, this country is also full of wonderful peaceful progressive people like Haseeb Khawaja (Journalist & Women Rights Activist), Afzal Kohistani (Victim) and Dr. Farzana Bari (Academic & Human Rights Activist) who stand against inhuman activities and performing their responsibilities to protect and promote the humanity.” she said.
Moreover, Human Rights Activist, Dr. Farzana Bari said, “I don’t want to see more bloodshed. Government must provide protection to me, Afzal Kohistani and Haseeb Khawaja because our lives are also in serious danger by following the Kohistan Video Case.If something happens to us or if we are not alive then the case should be registered against male family members of the murdered girls and their Jirga’s head.”
While victim Afzal Kohistani told that all girls in the video had been killed and the girls brought before the commission were not the same, now Supreme Court of Pakistan has finally reopened our Kohistan Video Case which was still waiting for fair justice after passing so many years. Now I am quite hopeful for transparent justice because all five girls have been killed by Jirga.
Further Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker and Activist, Haseeb Khawaja said, “I will never forget to do the follow up of Kohistan Video Case and will not let anyone to forget it either. Moreover, I will keep on highlighting it again and again till it reached to its logical end. And Kohistan Video Case is not my personal case and I am from one of those persons who will not get any personal benefit, even if the case gets resolved. So put aside all of your doubts and let’s become the voice of those innocent voiceless girls and set an example against Jirga’s illegal parallel judicial system. Moreover he said, the world premiere of our documentary will be held in some global human rights festival till the end of this year onwards.
Besides the EU Ambassador, delegation of the European Union (EU), representatives of the different embassies, NGOs/ iNGOs, Media, United Nations, Advocates, and Universities has also attended the screening.


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