Does PTI led government is delivering ? Another middle and girls primary school approved for Kalasha valley Rukmu.


Kalasha Desh: the remote valleys of Kalasha remained isolated since last many years. There was only one high school for three Kalasha valleys when Pakistan Terek-e-Insaf came into power in Khyber Pakhtunkhaw. Unfortunately Union Council Ayun never get chance to elect any representative in national or provincial assembly, as a results their demands went to deaf ears. The 2013 elections and decision of KP people are somehow fruitful. Now 2018 is approaching and political parties have started election campaign and taking credits on their shoulders either he is district Mayor or MPA.  While talking to Ispata News Mr. Wazir Zada highlighted some of PTI’s substantial steps and projects did for the valleys. Wazir is not MPA but people says that he did more than elected representative for union council Ayun.

Progress of PTI

1. two high schools for boys (One in Rukmu valley and one in Biriu valley completed).

2. Girls high school Mumuret has been completed.

3. Middle school in Rukmu and girls primary school in Rukmu approved.

4. Minority scholarship program (39 students from Kalasha community have been got scholarships).

5. Two community based schools have been given grant for uniforms cost around five hundred thousands.

6. Purchased land for Kalasha graveyard in Rukmu and Biriu valley at a cost of 10.2 million rupees.

7. Higher secondary school for Mumuret valley has been approved.

8. Kalasha teachers have been appointed on minorities quota.

Wazir acknowledged the services of late Sardar Suran Sing minister for minorities.


High school Rukmu building has been constructed last year and classes will be starting in March 2017



Shaheed Osama Ahmad Deputy commissioner Chitral had been handed over documents and of purchased land for the graveyards. DC Chitral was unfortunately died in PIA plane crashed.


In short time PTI has been established more schools than ever.


One thought on “Does PTI led government is delivering ? Another middle and girls primary school approved for Kalasha valley Rukmu.

  1. That’s great news for the Kalasha people. Congratulations! Experience shows that when girls and women are educated the whole community benefits!


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