A relic that was dancing in ancient era

♦ Ishpata Discovery Special Edition

Kalashadesh: Sutri (golden relic) has been discovered in Kalasha valley Mumuret, according to the owner of the antique it was transferred to the family from forefathers.

The Sutri is owned by a Kalasha Bazikhe family at Sarikjaw village in Mumuret, Ishpata News team approached the family to know about it and its history.
Talking with Ishpata News Mr. Nasir Bazik shared an interesting history of the relic;

‘’My grandfather was telling me about the Sutri, it was dancing, when a flat stone gives light in the shed and a golden flat plate was drumming and it was the Sutri dancing around like snake and making sounds’’ Mr. Nasir said that ‘’the Sutri was full of small bells that were making sounds, these small bells are used in head dresses of women and on belt of boys and girls during Gosnik (Cawmos, the winter solstice) ceremony of Kalasha community. Gosnik is very special ceremony for children under the age of eight years and a child becomes member of Kalasha community, and customary laws then obligations on him/her such as funeral rituals and restrictions on the basis of pure and impure’’

When approached Kasom Baig hundred years old man living in Kalasha valley Mumuret, he narrated the history of Sutri in this way “Fifteen generations ago there was a man called Shalak S’ai, and the Mehtar (Prince) of Chitral requested him to join his solders to fight in Afghanistan, the king was in view that when a Kalasha solder starts work, they use to be successful, the prince gave him protection kits along sword and asked him to lead the army, the man Shalak S’ai reached the destination and entered the palace, and a man attacked on him, but when he hit his head, the sword became damaged, and Shalak S’ai finished him on the spot’’

After defeated the palace and king there, they solders took different precious things found inside the palace, but the man Shalak S’ai took two things one was shield and the other thing was Sutri, he brought these two things to the valleys and kept in shed. After eleventh generation in his family, one of his family member called Hakim was alleged for murdering a man across the border, the Hakim was poor man and he was didn’t aware of any such activities, he decided to approached the prince of Chitral with his plea and told the prince of Chitral that ‘’ I am a poor man and I didn’t murdered anyone across the border’’
The Prince then gave him a letter and asked him to go across the border to meet the people at Wetdesh Mahadew Han (The temple which is famous in folk tales of Kalasha people’s).

After few week the man travelled through the mountain of Kalashadesh to reach the destination and meet the people there to discuss his innocent and clear position about the allegations.
When he discussed his miseries with the people over there, the notables of Wetdesh gave him a flat stone and urged him to keep it safe, and you will be wealthy and your miseries will be end.
He returned to home in Kalashadesh and kept the stone in shed, he shocked! When saw the stone was glittering at night. There were three precious things in the family Hakim one was Sutri, precious stone and the other was golden plate.The family was surprised and experienced something very extraordinary, when there was death somewhere in the valleys, before it happens the Sutri was dancing and making sounds, the golden plate was drumming and precious stone was glittering.

This unusual happening was disturbed the family and they were in fear and finally one day the son of Hakim called Pharamus went down the shed and hits the Sutri with axes and damaged some parts of it. Then the strange happening disappeared onward.

Mr. Nasir is interested to start an online bid for the relic and sometime soon the relic bid could be kick start on www.kalashproducts.com
Stay alert!


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